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Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I was thinking..

How the hell can I leave this place??
I can't stop marvelling at anything and everything I see around me, going up on tiptoes to look out of the way-too-crowded bus window just to see all the lights of the lit houses dotted on the hills of Istanbul, interrupted only by the Bosphorus which is also scattered with lights from ferry boats and such.
I've even grown to love the traffic! Once I learned that if you put your hand out in front of a car it will actually slow down and stop for you most of the time. I would have been run over 100 times if I'd ever done that back in Italy.
Well, I'm blabbering on about nothing and nobody will read anyway.
God I love talking to myself, don't I?

First Post!

Sooooooooo yes! 
I'm writing from the library at school, and this is officialy my very first blogger post!! 
Doesn't mean much, and I haven't really got much to say! :)